Finn the Human

Finn is the main character of the series.He is the brother of jake (the dog).Finn is skilled in hand to hand combat.DYK? Finn was adopted by Joshua (jake`s dad) and Margaret (jake`s mom).As a baby he had a boom-boom (watch memories of boom-boom mountain season 1 I think)and vowed he will never ever ignore a person(or thing) in need.So far (in the series) he has used seven swords10.Finn worships billy ( a legendary hero of Oo P.S he`s still alive).He is the greatest hero in the land of oo.His original name was Pen.In seasons 1 to 3 he had a HUGE crash on Princess Bubblegum.But in season 4 he`s dating Flame princess.Almost all the princesses in the land of oo have a crush on him.